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With over 4,000 properties in the family, Marriott is a juggernaut in the hotel world that will soon become even bigger with the acquisition of Starwood Resorts and Hotels. No matter where you’re going, you’re likely to find a property where you can redeem Marriott Rewards — in my opinion, that is one if the Read full post »

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Credit Card Disclaimer: Your Credit is one of Your Most Important Assets

Some of the techniques mentioned on this blog involve applying for credit. The reader is solely responsible for the decisions he/she makes regarding their own credit.

This site makes every attempt to recommend the best available credit card offers. Should you find a better offer, email it to editor@frugaltravelguy.com.

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The founder of Frugal Travel Guy spent 16 years in mortgage banking and credit counseling, and has had years of personal experience with credit cards. We can help you achieve your travel goals, while you still protect your credit.

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